We met some years ago not knowing where the road was going to lead. We were both lost in our own lives and our selfish ways to build any sort of long-lasting connection.

When you reached out to me a few months back, little did you know that I had been praying to God to bring a positive, respectable, and loving role model into my life and more importantly, my daughters.

You asked me out on a date, which was flattering and surprising at the same time. It was nice since the norm has always been for a man to ask a woman out first. 

When we took the time to get to know each other better and build a strong bond between us, even in the midst of having our children and other obstacles in our way. We have fought and faced adversity and challenges that no one else will understand ever. I know you and you know me. 

From the stress, to the long sleepless nights, to the arguments, to the pain our children face.... I can honestly say that there is no one in this world that has or can compare to the compassionate, and loving woman you have been to my daughter and myself. 

Time is never promised and tomorrow is never guaranteed, but I know that in the end when I face judgment day exactly where I want us all to be..... Together forever. 

For you and I, loving someone else and trusting them is hard.... I want to be the best man, role-model and father I can for you, Elyza, Haydin, and Avalynn. I have never felt this complete before. For these things, I have the following message for you...


These two songs couldn’t say enough how I feel about you and how strong the bond we have gets every day... Thank you for being perfect. Perfect for me and my daughter... 


Nikki Elise Campbell, 

Will you spend forever with me? Will you allow me the opportunity to stand by your side through everything? Will you share your good and bad with me? I accept and love you for who you are. Will you be my chia pet and I, your gorilla forever?

Nikki Elise Campbell

Will you

marry me?

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