DJ Nikki

Growing up in a small town, you can say I'm a country girl with a flare of professional sass.

I grew up singing, and playing instruments. Show Choir and talent competitions really helped me hone in on my passion for art and music.

Music truly is the one universal language we all speak.  

I really enjoy country music with sprinkles of 90's-00's pop. I am spunky and outgoing. I am easy to communicate with and enjoy seeing you smile throughout the day. Creating memories starts and ends with the energy given by your DJ. I will get on the floor and dance with you. Don't worry about who's watching. The day is yours. Live your life to the fullest and let's create wonderful memories together. 


"Music is not what DJ Nikki does, it's who she is"


 As a child, I always loved to sing and make music. I have always used music to get through variations of obstacles in life as is true for most people. Those are the memories we find as DJ's and try to re-create good memories and new ones with you.


I took my love for music seriously when I joined my local church choir as a backup singer and an instrumentalist. I learned to play the guitar, drums and also developed some vocal skills. I became the lead drummer of the church for many years. Through our church we attended, we were involved in putting together many community crusades and revivals. Giving back to the community is a passion of JIIK DJ Services as well as mine.


I love to entertain. I am outgoing, funny, down to earth, and charismatic. I've been a DJ for 10 years and to this day, it's still fulfilling and rewarding. I play all genres of music to suit all customers' needs. I was born to do this!  I will work hard to please you as JIIK DJ Services thrives on doing. Your wish is my command.


"Music is not what DJ B does, it's who he is"

DJ Shane

DJ Shane loves being a DJ. He enjoys entertaining guests at every event. Every event carries special moments, and he enjoys sharing those special moments with you. Shane is happy taking special requests and ensuring that your event is memorable for you, your family and friends the moment guests arrive until the final beat of the last song of the night. Shane goes above and beyond for every client to ensure the memories you dream of creating come to life. 


"Music is not what Shane does, it's who he is"

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