• Jeremiah Wilson

Band Vs. DJ

This is a very common question a lot of people have to answer when hiring entertainment for their event. Here are some important things to remember when going through the hiring process.

Space: How much space do you have at your venue?

Music Taste: What style of music are you wanting at your event?

DJ's and Bands alike are valuable in their own ways to catering to different types of events.

There are a lot of questions that could be asked along this process.

Q: What can a band do that a DJ can't?

A: A band can play live versions of different songs with a full ensemble. They can also perform original songs of their own. Other than that, there is nothing a band can do that a good DJ can't.

Q: What can a DJ do that a band can't?

A: A DJ is 100% mobile. Our equipment is generally set up quicker and torn down quicker. A DJ can perform any song, where a band needs to practice songs and have them in their set list. This limits the ability of your guests to make music requests which in turn can result in guests not being as engaged for your event. DJ's generally take up less space than bands which leaves more space for you and your guests.

There are a lot of differences between DJ's and Bands that really have to be thought out and planned. While we fully believe a good band will be a wonderful addition to your event, keep in mind that a fun, professional DJ will be able to adapt more fluently to you and your guests.

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